acne is not our fault
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Acne is Not Our Fault

July 15, 2020

This is for whomever needs to read this right now. Whether it’s a solitary spot, or a full-blown constellation, it can’t be denied […]

This is for whomever needs to read this right now.

Whether it’s a solitary spot, or a full-blown constellation, it can’t be denied that acne hugely impacts the way we think and feel about ourselves, often negatively. And living in a world where people respond to (and even treat us based on) how we look only makes matters worse. We become targets of bullying and discrimination.

Acne affects our lives in the realest of ways, and it often leaves us with wounds and scars that go far deeper than our skin.

We get embarrassed and anxious, sometimes to the point of not wanting to leave our homes, or even just our rooms. We try everything there is to try to get rid of acne, and going through products and treatments that don’t work leaves us with feelings of anger and guilt — at ourselves, as though it’s our fault that we have acne.

But the truth is, it’s not.

We can blame genetics, and we can blame hormones. Of course, stress. Pollution, too. And maybe even the weather. But we can’t and shouldn’t blame ourselves. Because it’s not our fault. Acne is not our fault, and we don’t have to beat ourselves up for it.

It’s okay to feel bad, it’s okay to be sad — but we shouldn’t stay that way too long.

Maybe we could adopt a positive mantra and prop ourselves up with it when insecurities start to weigh us down. Or we can find inspiration and encouragement in the stories of others who were or are on a similar journey, comforted by the truth that we are not now nor have we ever been alone in this. If we need help, we should ask for it. And of course, we have to surround ourselves with good people.

Remember that our worth is not measured by how clear our skin is, and definitely not by how other people see us. Heck, it’s not even determined by how we see ourselves — our worth is something that’s intrinsic to us because we’re human beings, and that can’t ever be changed or taken away.

And oh, when we give treatment another try, let’s be patient. Sometimes, it really takes a while, so we just have to take things day by day. And as our skin starts to heal from acne, we should let our minds, hearts, and spirits heal, too.

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