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SMACNE Stories

Is SMACNE effective? Read our SMACNE success stories!

October 23, 2020

We’ve dedicated ourselves to helping people get rid of acne for good—now read the stories firsthand

2020 has sent the world a major curveball, but we’re happy to say that we’re having a good year at SMACNE! We’ve continued helping people get rid of their acne for good and restore their skin to good health—and that has always been our goal. And we’ve received many inquiries about our results, so we thought it was time to share with you some of the great stories that we’ve received! 

We’re calling this series the SMACNE Stories, where we’ll share with you the success stories of people who have tried SMACNE. We hope that by reading these accounts, you’ll be inspired to start your journey to clearer, healthier skin as well. When you’re done reading, you can find out how to get your free SMACNE 30-day Acne Trial Kit here

First up is the story of someone who has been struggling with acne since she was a teenager and made mistakes in her skin care journey. She finally found her skin transformed thanks to SMACNE. 

Brooke Walter
Product Photographer and Content Creator 

Brooke Walter - before and after using SMACNE
Brooke Walter — Before and After using SMACNE

“As an adult, I’ve truly come to find a balance between treatment and hydration, and have found the ingredients that WORK. Benzoyl Peroxide has always been one of those, but I’m very particular to the formulation so that it doesn’t overdry the skin.

Enter, SMACNE. I wish I had access to this 15 years ago in my peak acne days. I know it would have done wonders! I have been using the line for the past month, and have seen great results. The few breakouts I did experience went away quickly after using the treatment serum, and I liked that I had options between a daily/ severe treatment. When your skin is doing well, there’s no need to attack it with the big guns!

…I would recommend this to teenagers and adults alike. Please don’t make the mistakes I made! Using harsh cleansers/ soaps and high percentage drying actives will just make your skin overproduce oil when it feels stripped. Focus on a balance of hydration and treatment, which SMACNE did perfectly with their system!”

Read the full blog here.

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