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Smacne stories: Liz talks about her 20 year skin journey

April 7, 2021

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Liz found us online and we couldn’t be happier she did! We connected with Liz through our Smacne Community Group on Facebook and we chatted on how Smacne was a game changer for her, as someone who struggled with acne and rosacea for over 20 years! Read her full story below:

I can sit here and type easily my skin “journey” but that would be a novel! My skin has been my frenemy for years. 
In my High School years it wasn’t awful just consistent. Pimples, blackheads, hormones, playing sports, stress and just good ole sensitive skin. I never left home without emergency concealer, compact and blotting sheets in my locker and purse. But lucky for me social media didn’t exist and old school photography was a bonus for those of us who try to hide from cameras.
As I got older I watched the rest of my friends grow out of hormones and teenage acne and mine ramped up like it had something to prove! This was when my wallet started draining 20 years ago, I tried everything under the sun both expensive and homemade regimes.
There has been honey, toothpaste, apple cider vinegar and much more to have graced this skin in the hopes of a magic elixir to finally let me walk out of my house without checking the mirror 3 times and double checking the emergency make up kit.
Name brand systems that swore miracles all destroyed and damaged my skin. Id spend hundreds of dollars filled with hope, then a week later have red burn marks new pimples cystic and end up at the dermatologist to heal the mess I was in again.
Then life handed my skin one more blow, a hysterectomy at the age of 33. If my hormones didn’t know what to do with my skin before now it was having a full on party inside and leaving the hangover on my face. So lets process this, 33 and not only did the whole structure of my insides change but the outside wasn’t going to be left out. To be an adult and wish you could avoid going outside everyday or not want to embarrass for your child at school events because her moms skin has big red bumps. 
It was a struggle and but what choices did I have I had tried it all with no results so I stuck with what worked best and accepted that I would never be the girl who could wake up and wash their face and walk out the door
Then in October 2020 I was getting married. My skin was at an all time bad and I was crushed. There were no pre-ceremony pictures. And I had to use layers of makeup to hide it all. I hired a photographer for only 2 hours because I knew my makeup wouldn’t last long. Its sad to think that this was my biggest worry on my wedding day, everyone was staring at my skin not because I was the bride but because I was covered in cystic acne.
My biggest regret was that for 3 months prior I had been watching a video that kept popping up on my feed, Smacne the name LOVE IT! I watched it 100 times I read over 200 reviews, read any comment on any post and finally I said ok Im ordering. My biggest fear was OILS.. my skin does not like oils, but how could so many see such great results? It arrived 2 weeks before the wedding but I was to scared to open that box, fear that it would make the already awful unbearable. I let it sit in that box until 2 days after the wedding, what a mistake!! The first night I used it my skin started healing by morning my husband said honey your rosacea on your cheek is way less right now. And by the end of the first week my skin had cleared almost 90%. I was so amazed and shocked my friends all noticed and were amazed too. I didn’t go through a purge, it just started healing. It wast harsh it left no residue and the 2 steps are so convenient! I hate toners, before cream, after cream, it’s all too much. So I started telling anyone I knew about it, because if there was one other person who could feel how I felt after trying it then I would be happy. Its awful feeling like everyone is staring at you and wondering why you don’t see someone about  your skin. Or waking up every morning wondering what you will see in the mirror that you have to cover today. Its sad to say I don’t mind masks during covid because even though it was causing more acne I could hide most of my face. 
Smacne is invaluable to me. Not only is it amazing and works in ways I thought only a magician with a wand could do, but their values are what astonish me as well. As I was looking over the website and pricing (which blew my mind how affordable) I saw a small line that said something about payments and how everyone deserved great skin. Smacnes price point is so geared for normal human beings with normal paychecks and still they are willing to help. I have been using Smacne now for 4 months and my skin is so different. I still wake up and have to double check that its me in the mirror. I had given up hope on ever having even manageable skin. But now I am hopeful for myself and anyone else who has ever struggled and tried Smacne. I still have breakouts but now its few and not as often and they clear within a day or 2. I no longer have cysts that last for months nor rosacea that covers half my left cheek. 

I wake up grateful and excited to open my makeup drawer that no longer has 40 items it has 6 and the confidence to know that my skin isn’t what defines my day anymore!

Thank you Smacne!
Liz Trojan 

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