SMACNE Stories: Alaa Yousef
SMACNE Stories

SMACNE Stories: Battling Severe Acne

November 10, 2020

In this edition of SMACNE Stories, we discover the story of a teacher and blogger who has been fighting severe acne all her life—and found a powerful ally in SMACNE.

Have you ever had to deal with severe acne? We’ve got the solution for you: SMACNE’s Severe Acne Treatment! Formulated with 10% benzoyl peroxide, it penetrates deep into your skin and fights stubborn acne right from the source. But don’t take our word for it: in this edition of SMACNE Stories, we’re featuring a teacher and blogger who has found SMACNE to be a powerful ally in her fight against severe acne. Read her story and find out how SMACNE has helped reduce her inflammation and breakouts in 30 days. 

Alaa Yousef | take care, New York
English Language Arts Teacher and Blogger

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Sponsored by @smacneskincare a brand that pays small creators for their work 🙃 I was paid to review this product, NOT to have a positive opinion about it. This video is more how I incorporated SMACNE products into my routine and not a detailed play by play of what I think about @smacneskincare – I will be doing that over on YouTube. But I will say that I am past the 30 day challenge and still using this stuff- it’s truly apart of my current #acnefighting routine. . . . . . . . . #sponsoredpost #smacne #acne #acnetreatment #acnecommunity #acnejourney #acnesolutions #acnesolution #productreview #productreviewer #productreviews #nighttimeroutine #skincare #skincarevideos #skincarevideo #skincareig #acneremoval #acnescars #skinfix #acneskincare #acneproneskin #smacnechallenge #smacneskincare

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“After the first week of necessary purging, my skin adjusted even to SMACNE’s strongest ointment, the Severe Acne Treatment and I can really say I cannot live without it as I continue to battle with my acne. My acne is not completely gone but in 30 days I see a reduction in the formation of new pimples (which are often formed by bacteria from existing spots), a dramatic reduction in inflammation and an improvement in the size of the clusters of acne I had on my cheeks. The acne treatment formulas are actually so good at taking down inflammation that I would even recommend them to people who only get the occasional blemish and need something that works fast, safely, and doesn’t dry you out overnight.

…After day 30, I can actually say my biggest problem is not inflammation but scarring- and that is a place of healing. I will continue to use SMACNE in my routine and update you all in another 30 days. What makes it so easy for me to continue to use SMACNE is not just that it is nice to my skin, but also that they do not try to sell you a whole product line. They know what works and created products that you can easily incorporate into your routine without much change. The products are also super versatile and use can be adjusted based on your skin needs and sensitivities.”

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Now that you’ve seen her progress and read her story, it’s time for you to take control of your own skin journey. Get your own free trial kit here or if you need the Severe Acne Treatment, get in touch with us at contact(@) and share your experience with us!

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