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SMACNE Stories: Consistency is key

By - December 15, 2020

We’re always talking about how SMACNE works effectively with consistent use, but how effective is it really? In today’s edition of SMACNE Stories, we meet Aida, a self-love warrior who has been suffering from severe acne since she was a teenager. Aida took part in our 30-day challenge and saw her skin drastically improve with consistent use. With the help of SMACNE, she now has more confidence in her skin. 

Aida Kihal (@selflove_aida on Instagram)
Acne Positivity and Sharp Syndrome Awareness Influencer

First day:

“First day! I’m going to test it for 30 days and show you the results every 5 days. I’m starting with the Severe Acne Treatment and using the Aloe Cleanser twice a day. The Exfoliating Aloe Cleanser is very soft!” 

Fifth day:

“Day 5: Very impressive!

My pimples are drying out and they are deflating. Especially on my forehead, next to my eyes and also my chin. I recommend you only put the treatment directly on the spots you need because it’s very strong.” 

18th day:

“Day 18: I’m healing!

  • Vegan 
  • Cruelty-free

We can see some pimples vanishing, especially on my cheeks! The pain is almost gone! My skin is used to the products so it’s no longer dry.” 

30 days:

“End of the #30dayschallenge: Improvement again!

  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-free

The few pimples on my chin are gone! And the other ones on my cheek are on their way to go too!” 

You can view her entire SMACNE journey by visiting her Instagram: @selflove_aida

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