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SMACNE Stories: Dealing with acne and eczema

November 23, 2020

How difficult is it to find an acne treatment that won’t trigger or aggravate other skin conditions or sensitivities? In today’s SMACNE Story, […]

How difficult is it to find an acne treatment that won’t trigger or aggravate other skin conditions or sensitivities? In today’s SMACNE Story, we get to know travel blogger Chellz, who has been dealing with acne her whole life but couldn’t find a treatment that wouldn’t trigger her eczema—that is, until she found SMACNE. 

Get to know more about Chellz and Billy, her former constant companion:

Chellz the Urban Gypsy
Travel Blogger

SMACNE Stories

“Dealing with acne is the absolute worst! For the longest time  I have dealt with my share of acne, but try combating acne when you have eczema…. It’s like the most obnoxious thing ever. For those of you that don’t know, I have eczema or atopic dermatitis, it used to be kinda flair-y when I was itty bitty, but as I got older it became a lot more manageable. The only time I tend to start flaring up is when I am exposed to something I am allergic to or I react to some medication.

This is where SMACNE comes in! Let me tell you a little something about acne medications… All of them tend to cause some type of irritation to my skin, or they dry me out. It’s so hard to keep one or the other under control when my acne decides to go bananas. During my recent travels to Paris Texas, Corpus Christi, San Antonio, Waco, and etc…. I was so glad to have partnered with these guys. It’s so easy to apply and you just use it twice a day. The wash and then the actual treatment and guys… it works wonders….

Before SMACNE I had this huge pimple in between my eyebrows that was like ridiculous…. I called it Billy. Now Billy was a purple-y, brown color, and occasionally yes I would go in and pop it because if not it would get bigger.  I looked like Starfire off of Teen Titans when she had that thing grow on her head. I was a unicorn.

I am so glad that around that time SMACNE came to me and partnered with me. This is by far the best group of people ever. They stuck with me every step of the journey and made sure that they did everything they could to help me get Billy off my face. And Billy eventually started to shrink… He got lighter and was starting to go down as well as my other pimples and impurities. As well as other pimples and such started going away too.

At the end of the month though Billy wasn’t completely gone, he was still holding on to dear life. So SMACNE and I were determined to make sure he was gone. And after another two weeks of using SMACNE, he was gone- So after 41 days I was happy to finally have gotten rid of him.”

Read her full story here.

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