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Love your skin: Maia talks all about skin positivity

By - February 12, 2021

With Valentines day being just around the corner, it’s the perfect reminder to put ourselves first and take steps to learn to love our own skin. Maia, a skin positivity influencer wrote her thoughts on the importance of self love, specially when suffering from acne.


My name is Maia and I run that skin positivity account @its_just_acne.
Having struggled with learning to love myself for years due to being severely bullied in the past, I decided that September 2020 was my year to leave the negativity behind. To create a page that will inspire thousands of people globally. I am thankful everyday that I can spread love and positivity to many people.The great thing about Self Love is that everyone can choose to hold this within themselves. It doesn’t take a “brave” person to love themselves. It just takes time and commitment and the belief that you are beautiful.More and more magazine companies are stopping the use of airbrush. I believe this is down to the amazing acne community/skin positivity campaign.
The more the media realises that acne is a normal part of life, the more people will change their mindset for the better.Believe you are beautiful. Remember it’s all about progress, not perfection.
We all have one life to live. Make sure you spend your time loving yourself. 

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