SMACNE Stories: Overcoming Purging
SMACNE Stories

SMACNE Stories: Overcoming purging

December 11, 2020

In todays’ SMACNE Story, we hear from Vanessa, a licensed esthetician with cystic acne who pushed through purging to see excellent results.

Through SMACNE Stories, we’ve shared with you the journey of some SMACNE users who have participated in our 30-day challenge. Today’s SMACNE Story introduces us to Vanessa, who originally took on our 30-day challenge and was so happy with the results, she decided to extend for 60 more days to complete our 90-day challenge. 

Vanessa Velez
Licensed Esthetician and YouTube Content Creator

“Maybe to some of you, my skin doesn’t look completely perfect and you might expect that after 90 days, but going into this, I did have realistic expectations. I did have Stage 4 cystic acne so I had cysts, pustules, blackheads, whiteheads—you name it, I had it. After my 30-day skin trial, I had a lot of purging… but I did see improvement. So I knew that I had to be consistent with SMACNE to see the results that I wanted, and it did just that. I really am pleased with how my skin looks right now! I’m super happy.  

…One of the biggest reasons why I like using SMACNE is because it’s super easy to incorporate into my every day regimen. It’s not the whole system; it’s the foundation you need though to see clear skin results.”

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You can  also view her full review of her SMACNE experience on her channel

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